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St. David (Wales)

St. David (Wales)

written by Christine Kretschmann

A brooklet flows in front of an old place.

Jackdaws fly over it without any haste

And the sun set the stones in a golden glaze.

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Election time

Election times

written by Christine Kretschmann

The time of election campaign has started and suddenly the politicians find their heart for us and harass us with frenzy discussions.

Though there is no real difference in their political programs, they look for a topic which brings them the highest level of attention.


Take Germany for example, the number one topic at the moment is

“ How to handle criminality of adolescence ?”.

The politicians use a case of egregious crime as starting point that something has to be done. I concur with them, but the same politicians cut implacable the numbers of judges and policemen. Furthermore they terminate several social projects.

It seems that they oust these actions out of their minds This paroxysm of them is absolutely reprehensible.

With perfunctory decrease of personnel working in the jurisdiction, they exacerbate the problem of adolescence criminality. They use adolescence of indigent migrate families as effigy of criminals. It is quite arbitrary chosen, but who cares in fray of votes about this.

Most people are cognizant that this group has a really monolithic problem

of integration, but why is this ?

On the one hand the families quell every attempt of integration, they flout against integration. On the other hand the political attitude was to ignore this fact more or less. With the result that over 60% of these adolescences faill in school and get no work. Programs to revert these adolescence to school or work are terminated by the politicians. The other 40% has to skirmish against allegation of being criminal.

No forthwith action can solve this problem, only an incipient awareness of the problem and the will to solve it, could prevent that more and more adolescences are wrest to criminality.

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After Chrismas

After Xmas


Written by Christine Kretschmann


After Xmas we all find out with consternation, that we gain some weigh.


Everyone concur that it wouldn’t been feasible to resist the affluent offer of tasty food. Xmas days are red letter days, where we can perfunctory ourselves a little bit. Enjoying family and friends and of course the tasty food.

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The dawn

The dawn
written by Christine Kretschmann 03.01.2008

The birds aren’t singing any more
the bees has gone for long

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History of climate change

History of climate change


written by Christine Kretschmann 03.01.2008



It is a rampant assumption that climate change is promulgated only the last 20 years.

The incipient science of climate was around 1890, scientist developed the first automatons to measure the influence of carbon dioxide. They prognosticated, that the increase of carbon dioxide, would cause egregious effects for the world climate, like the melting of the polar ice.

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written by Christine Kretschmann 1.1.2008


Cats have an infamous reputation of being mundane, but this isn’t true every cat has its own character and its way to achieve things.


Do you know what does tin opener means ?

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Humans and cars

Humans and cars


by Christine Kretschmann 30.12.2007


Today our streets are abounded with all kinds of auto mobiles, this sophisticated automaton has a voracious demand on space.

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by Christine Kretschmann 31.12.2007

Today most of us are commuters, because work is only available in big cities where living expenses are such high that we have to live far away from our working place.


As a result every morning a throng of hapless people make their way to their offices,grapples their way through a plethora of hindrances.

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