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by Christine Kretschmann 31.12.2007

Today most of us are commuters, because work is only available in big cities where living expenses are such high that we have to live far away from our working place.


As a result every morning a throng of hapless people make their way to their offices,grapples their way through a plethora of hindrances.

Especially train commuters are a special kind of people. You would assume that these people must implore every time that the train should be on time.

That might be true for the first weeks, but after a certain time the commuter alters either to a intrepid or irate person.

They get used to the pretext of the railway speaker, who fabricates stories for you why the train is late.

The stories are not very adroit,but a vigilant listener can interpret them. The main approach of the story is to cajole you that the train is late because of supernatural phenomenon.

In the summer time heavy rain showers are quite common, as well as hotness which cause the tracks to melt in some mysterious way. In autumn there are leaves on the track and with the start of November person like to lay on the tracks to enjoy the leaves and the mist.

They are really wet blankets for us commuters, because they cause delays of several hours. It seems this people are avid to cause trouble, as a kind of punishment.

Don’t try to beard the lion and ask a conductor or the help line about this issues, they will feed you up with laconic pretexts.

Most annoying for train commuters are strangers -must of them are kind of felons- accost you and ask you for money or even worst they start to play music, without any nuance of melody or rudimentary knowledge of music.

To get rid of them you have to gesticulate in an international manner, because most of them can’t speak your mother tongue. Mostly it ends that you try in furtive manner to escape these individuals under the pretext that you have to reach the connection train.

All in all it enhances your picture of humans, believe me or not if you use a train to commute you get a really good impression of the society.

On the other hand car commuters are in interminable fight of getting a parking space, find a cheap gas station depend on the time of day or escape the traffic jams, which occur in the morning and in the evening.

They missed the opportunity to used the commute time in studying people

or educate themselves via books,newspapers,radio or itunes.

Perhaps it is a kind pyrrhic victory for us train commuters, decide by yourself which kind of commuter you would like to be.


















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