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Humans and cars

Humans and cars


by Christine Kretschmann 30.12.2007


Today our streets are abounded with all kinds of auto mobiles, this sophisticated automaton has a voracious demand on space.

In the annals of human it is paradox that we need more time to find a parking space ,than to get from one town to town another.

Parking spaces are realms where you can find imploring people. It is a real drudgery to get a parking space during lunch hour. It’s an interminable story of to be or not to be a successful car driver.

It is engrossing to see a matron badger its husband to drive them every mile. The day of such a pitiful man is replete with driving challenges and the conclusion that their marriage is a flash in the pan.


However one of the biggest challenges is to deal with the car. Nowadays

it isn’t possible to change a lamp without going to a garage and pay a large amount of money. It turns out that the new car is a pig in a poke, because after a while the maintenance costs are higher than the price of the car.


Therefore it is eminent for every serious car owner to steeped in the manuals of its cars to understand them, but with the compound gadgets the owner only gets a tinge of that elaborate automaton.


After scrutinize the manual the owner can interprets the health of its car..

By a flashing lamp the owner perceives that something goes wrong,

accepts this indiscriminately, because its believe in technology is



If I should prognosticate how the human race will develop. I see humans with very short legs, several fingers to cope with all the funky buttons- and maybe they would also a little bit obese, due to the fact that they forget how to move without technical assistance.


To pour oil on troubled waters I hope that our addiction to cars will end and we all eat a humble pie for that what we’ve done to our environment and ourselves.






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