Christine Kretschmann

English short stories and poems

After Chrismas

After Xmas


Written by Christine Kretschmann


After Xmas we all find out with consternation, that we gain some weigh.


Everyone concur that it wouldn’t been feasible to resist the affluent offer of tasty food. Xmas days are red letter days, where we can perfunctory ourselves a little bit. Enjoying family and friends and of course the tasty food.

The “health experts” like to disparage our behaviour, but it is really so flagrant ?

In TV and radio these past master tell us how egregious our eating behaviours are.


They deride us and become wet blankets. The experts support us with dubious advices to eat more fruit and less meat,masticate every bite twelve times and so on.

The advices might be laudable, but they give us chagrin and would lead every Xmas party to an fiasco,if we really obey their advices.

We are precocious enough to quell this and indulge ourselves and let the voluble experts behind us. We simply eschew to weight us on Xmas and everything works fine.

The second week in the new year elicit that we really have gain some weigh and now it is time to sally to the next fitness studio or do some exercises.

The sweets are from now obsolescence until next Xmas.

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