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History of climate change

History of climate change


written by Christine Kretschmann 03.01.2008



It is a rampant assumption that climate change is promulgated only the last 20 years.

The incipient science of climate was around 1890, scientist developed the first automatons to measure the influence of carbon dioxide. They prognosticated, that the increase of carbon dioxide, would cause egregious effects for the world climate, like the melting of the polar ice.

The public called the scientist as inane and admonish them for undermining the industrial revolution, the hapless scientist became culprits.

Time passed two world wars took place and again economic took the science of climate down a peg until the 1970.

The flower power time elicit the idea of a new ethic view, which was concured by the young generation. However people get older and the duplicity of life caught them and they passed the buck to next generation.

In a clandestine way the scientist researched despite of all the duress and try to convey the pernicious consequences of carbon dioxide to all possible authorities and admonish the politicians that they should do something against it, because of the inexorable process of global warming if a certain threshold is reached.

The politicians haven’t construed the right measurements , they are still trying to stall any progress and waffle around a decision, in establishing one conference after the other.

With that paucity of ethic and their duplicity, we can only expect the worst.

It is acrimonious way to say so, but if you give one economic idea the impunity then no cessation is possible.

As long as the flagrant neo conservative dream is lionized you will only find distraught scientist an no solace for us.

The only way would be to change our behaviour and demand cars which use other fuel as oil or gas, don’t buy at malls ,support the local shops and buy local products as far as possible. Those things would change more then any conference on Bali or another paradise in the south pacific.

Keep that in mind.

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